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On April 8th, my son, Finn Wardman born 2002 in Bermuda died in a tragic accident in St Legier, Switzerland.

Finn was a proud Bermudian who had travelled all over the world, and was attending his second year at Durham University in northern England. Finn was passionate about adventure and travel, while also being a serious student. He was studying business administration and was on track to complete his studies with a first. He had planned to do a gap year after finishing his degree. He was also planning to study a year abroad in Madrid, Spain, and take all native speaking Spanish language business courses. He had been accepted into this program weeks before his death.

I came up with the idea to do something truly scary and worthy of Finn only a few days after his death. I was running with a good Bermudian friend, Chase Toogood, before the services. It kind of just slipped out. Hey, I'm thinking about running 100 miles for Finn, and trying to raise $100,000 for a charity for him. Do you think it is possible? Without hesitation, Yes! A fully Finn inspired charity that would perfectly capture his love of life, spirit of adventure while changing the course of one child's life in perpetuity. We hope to keep growing the site to change the lives of many dozens, even hundreds of children in the future.

Someone recently asked me, many months after his death what was my proudest achievement thus far in my life. Without hesitation, my response was, I am most proud of my two sons. I think this is a pretty standard response for any father, but it was a question that one doesn't get asked often, if ever. Finn will always be more than just a lost son. He was my hero, a best friend and an inspiration in all that he did. The charity work that has been created in his name is meant to bring the life and sense of adventure that he cherished so deeply and lived during his all too short twenty years of life.

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