I woke up in the morning and got a call telling me you were gone. I don’t know how to express myself with words, or even just expressing myself in general. And when it comes to something like this, I never thought I was gonna have to say goodbye to you man, and especially so soon. Finn Edward, one of my childhood best friends and a friend who I considered like my brother. You were always giving me and our friends laughs, whether it was a good or bad day. You were always giving me ideas and motivation on everything we did. You were one of a kind, and the brightness you had on you no one else had it. You were special, and you and your family mean a lot to me. I’m gonna really miss creating the unforgettable memories together like we did when we were younger. I’ll never forget when you and your family took me on my first ever surf trip. You guys took me to places I would’ve never thought I’d go in my life and made me feel like part of the Wardman family. I’m gonna miss doing the most awkward and funny videos together. You made me lose my fear of what people would think about me through the camera. Now, I want to say I didn’t just lose my great friend, but I did lose a great human being who I cared for, loved so much, and I called my brother. Now I know nothing will ever be the same without you, brother, but I have to try to stay positive.

After more than 5 years without seeing each other, I went over to the other side of the world for my second time, but this time, the goal was to finally get reunited with you and your family and try to catch up a bit.I felt like there were so many years to catch up to. Ever since you guys left from town, so much happened, and a lot had changed. What breaks my heart the most is that after all these years of not coming back to where you called home, this year, you and your family had planned it and were finally gonna come back in July, and we were gonna go together on that surf trip down south like the old days. And now all I have with me is the tears I cry, knowing that you weren’t able to see this place that you called home for one last time.

I’m really gonna miss you man I really am.😪😔RIP FINN

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