Some friends of mine had a tradition that they told me about since my two boys were babies. Their boys were a little older, and I would watch as they would take a father / child trip to where ever that child wished to go. I thought it was a fantastic idea. Father child, no siblings, no spouses, just one on one. It was at a time when phones weren’t really as big of a distraction, but I left the phone at home. From a very early age, Finn wanted to go to Universal studios, which was in LA. He also of course loved the idea of going to Disney world. So we went. It was four or five days of pure childish bliss. We went to 3d movies, roller coaster rides, ate as much food as we could, and one of the high lights for him was doing the sky diving training tunnel. He was so happy at that time, and I’m so glad that he got to experience the pure bliss of childhood.

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